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DJ Jason Jenkins - Austin, Tx - Hypersonic Radio - Lanai - Kingdom


With more than 20 years of dj experience, Jason Jenkins knows what he likes and isn’t afraid to try something new – “as long as it sounds good.” His instincts are keen, and as many Austin club goers have said, he knows how to read a room. Both intuitive and innovative, this disc jockey knows how to dish out quality dance music that will stimulate any audience.Having worked at several radio stations, almost every major dance club in Austin and several around the state of Texas, there’s no disputing that Jason has his choice of venues to work. He chooses Austin for a number of reasons, but at the forefront is the genuine love he feels for the people of Austin. “I want to expose everyone to the best stuff out there, and I want to educate everyone about the different styles of dance music that is available. ”Over the past decade, Jason has been intimately involved in nearly every major dance music event in Austin's colorful history. Jason has worked for countless dance music venues, including some of Austin’s most renowned – Sky, Fabric, Barcelona, Eternal, Element, Twist, Paradox, Inferno just to name a few. While at Paradox in 1995, He was named “Best Club DJ” by the readers of the Austin Chronicle, and Paradox was voted “Best Nightclub” that same year. Lance Cashion invited him to become a member of Slow Motion Music in 1998, which is also when Jason worked for Alien Records, a store in Austin owned by the infamous Herb Agapetus. That was a job that came naturally to him. He was also voted “Best DJ” in the 2001 Austin Nightclub and Bar Awards.In 2001, Jason was part of the team that helped Mega 93.3 become Austin's first all-dance radio phenomenon for the first few crazy years of the new millennium. Currently, Jason is producing Hypersonic, which is a weekly radio show that airs on KROX 101.5fm (www.krox.com/hypersonic/home.aspx) in Austin, TX every Saturday night from 10-12a CST. The show encapsulates the EDM scene in Austin by providing info about upcoming events around the area and provides commentary on current EDM issues and features guest DJ mixes of Austin based DJs and producers. Hypersonic has evolved into Hypersonic Radio, an Internet radio station providing 24/7/365 electronic dance music and exclusive content provided by multiple Austin based crews as well as rebroadcasts of Hypersonic. You can have a listen here: www.HypersonicRadio.com You can hear Jason play at Lanai located downtown Austin where he has held his Saturday residency since the club’s inception in 2008 and also on Fridays at it's new sister club, Kingdom. If anyone in this town can earnestly say that they truly push the boundaries of modern club music, it's Jason Jenkins, and Austin's scene is a richer place because of his dedication. DJ Jason Jenkins - Hypersonic Radio



  • Bass Invasion
  • Nocturnal Festival
  • Texas Freedom Festival
  • Sound Wave
  • Raging River Festival


  • Odyssey at Kingdom (1st and 3rd Fridays) (www.KingdomAustin.com) (Austin, TX)
  • Rooftop Sessions at Lanai (2nd and 4th Saturdays) (www.LanaiAustin.com) (Austin, TX)
  • French Attack Afterhours at Kingdom (2nd Saturday monthly) (www.KingdomAustin.com) (Austin, TX)
  • Lifted at Ivy (Last Wednesday monthly) (http://www.facebook.com/ivyrooftop) (San Antonio, TX)

Has opened for these DJs over the years: (alphabetical)

  • Alexander, Leon
  • Carter, Derrick
  • Collins, Sandra
  • Corsten, Ferry
  • Cusick, Sean
  • D:Fuse
  • Deep Dish
  • Dresden, Dave
  • Farina, Mark
  • Freeland, Adam
  • Gabriel & Dresden
  • Glaude, Donald
  • Gold, Alex
  • Graham, John aka Quivver
  • Howells, Danny
  • Hybrid
  • DJ Icey
  • Infusion
  • Kennedy, Liam
  • Keoki
  • Maas, Timo
  • Martin, Peter
  • Mr. C
  • Oakenfold, Paul
  • Preve, Francis
  • Risvi, Asad
  • Rogers, Paul
  • Sanchez, Roger
  • Sasha
  • Skeens, Jesse aka Medway
  • Spettro
  • Van M, Jimmy
  • Zabiela, James